HTML Underline Tag

The HTML Underline tag is used to apply underlining to text. The tag is <u> and it can be used in conjunction with other HTML tags to format text in various ways.

Here’s an example of how to use the <u> tag:

Example for HTML Underline Tag

<p>This is a <u>underlined</u> text.</p>
<u> Welcome to
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In this example, the word “underlined” will be displayed with an underline. You can also use the <u> tag in combination with other tags, such as <b> for bold or <i> for italic, to format text in different ways.

It’s worth noting that the <u> tag is used for stylistic purposes only and should not be used to indicate the importance of text. For that purpose, you should use the <strong> tag instead. The <strong> tag is meant to indicate that the text is of greater importance than other text on the page, and it can be used in combination with other formatting tags like <u> to apply both underlining and emphasis to text.