HTML Marquee Tag

The HTML <marquee> tag is used to create a scrolling text or an image in a web page. It was widely used in the early days of the web, but has since been deprecated in HTML5 and is no longer considered a standard for web development.

HTML Marquee tag used for scrolling text,image in the web page. A marquee can either left or right align .

Here’s an example of how you could use the <marquee> tag to create a scrolling text:

Example for HTML MARQUEE Tag

<!Doctype HTML>
<Title>Your Web site Title</Title>
<Body >
<Marquee >This is MARQUEE EXAMPLE </marquee>
Document Include Here

Marquee tag Attributes


TOP/MIDDLE/BOTTOM specifies the text around the marquee should align with the TOP,MIDDLE,BOTTOM of the marquee.


This can be set to SCROLL,SLIDE or ALTERNATE.


This specifies a backgound color for the marquee.


This specifies the direction in which the text will scroll. The default direction is LEFT.


This specifies the height of the marquee.


This specifies the width of the marquee.


This attribute set the number of time marquee will loop when activated .


This specifes the number of pixels between each successive draw of the marquee text,that is the pixels for the text to move between each draw.


This specifies the number of milliseconds between each successive draw of the marquee text. This attribute controls the speed at which the text is drawn.