HTML Title Element

HTML Title tag is used for display the title of web document .It is include in Head element.  It only contains text

HTML TITLE tag attributes


Start HTML page with
<HTML > <title>Define Web page TITLE here</title> </html>

HTML TITLE tag example

    <title>Page Title</title>
    <!-- content goes here -->

Usage notes

The <title> element is always used within a page’s <head> element.

Web Page Title Element and SEO

Title element  is a short descriptive phrase used to describe the content of a web page. Title tags are what the user sees at the top bar of the browser window and also in the tabs if multiple browser tabs are open. Although it is an important tag, Title tag is NOT a Meta tag

How is it used?

  1. It is used in the top bar of the browser window
  2. Display in the tab text if multiple browser tabs are open
  3. Used as the hyper-link text as the Title of the page in search engine results
  4. HTML title used as the reference text when a page is bookmarked in a browser (favorites)
  5. Several sites use the Title tag of a web page as the hyper-linked text to link to a web page
  6. Several directory editors and webmasters review the title tag before inclusion. A well- written title tag ensures a speedy inclusion in the directory. 

SEO importance: (Very High)