MySQL Tutorial

 Mysql Tutorial Help you to understand MYSQL. MySql is  used for Website development .PHP process data and Mysql Store data in the database in form of a database, table etc.

What is MySQL

  • MySql is relation Database Management Software
  • MySql is the Most popular Open database source program
  • MySql is a fast-growing RDBMS.
  • MySql is free to download.
  • MySQL is Scalability and Flexibility
  • MySql is very easy to manage.
  • MySql is Open Source Freedom and 24 x 7 Support
  • MySQL used Structured Query Language.(SQL)

MySQL Supported Operating System

  • Windows (multiple)
  • Linux (multiple)
  • Solaris
  • FreeBSD
  • Mac OS/X
  • HP-UX etc.

Install and Start MySQL

  • Installed from Mysql website only if you have not to install wamp server etc.

How is PHP used with MySQL?

PHP is open source scripting language used to advance Web Applications or Internet / Intranet Applications. MySQL is a effective open source database server constructed based totally on a relational database administration machine (RDBMS) and is capable of handling a large concurrent database connection.

Is PHP same as SQL?

SQL stand for  structured language which query the database . PHP is script used to create a program, SQL is used to interact with database , and most all programs require some form of data to act upon. SQL provides a structured language to query the database with. There are many ways to use SQL in a PHP script.

How to Start PHP and MYSQL ?

To start with PHP and MYSQL the following is required.

  1. Apache Server.
  2. PHP 
  3. MYSQL Server