MySQL -Create Database command

In MySQL, you can create a new database using the CREATE DATABASE command. Here is the basic syntax for creating a database:

CREATE DATABASE database_name;

Replace database_name with the desired name for your new database. It’s important to follow naming conventions and choose a meaningful name for your database.

Here’s an example of creating a database named “mydatabase”:


After executing the above command, the “mydatabase” database will be created in MySQL.

It’s worth noting that you need appropriate privileges to execute the CREATE DATABASE command. Typically, this privilege is available to users with administrative or root access to the MySQL server.

If you want to specify additional options when creating the database, such as character set or collation, you can include them in the CREATE DATABASE statement. Here’s an example:

  COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

In this example, the database “mydatabase” is created with the character set “utf8mb4” and collation “utf8mb4_unicode_ci”. Adjust the character set and collation according to your requirements.

Remember to use the appropriate SQL client or interface (e.g., MySQL command-line client, phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench) to execute the SQL command and create the database.

In summary, the CREATE DATABASE command is used in MySQL to create a new database. Specify the desired name for the database, and optionally, additional options like character set and collation. Ensure that you have the necessary privileges to create databases on your MySQL server.