MySql Select Databases - Open Database command

MySql Select databases command , If you want to open database and Open databases at the command line. Use command will help you complete the task.

To open a database in MySQL, you need to connect to the MySQL server using a client program, such as the MySQL command-line client or a graphical client like MySQL Workbench.

Here is an example of how to open a database using the MySQL command-line client:

  1. Open a terminal or command prompt.

  2. Connect to the MySQL server by typing the following command and pressing Enter:

mysql> mysql -u [user_name] -p

Replace [user_name] with your MySQL username.

  1. Enter your password when prompted.

  2. Once you’re connected to the MySQL server, you can open a database by running the following command:

Example for Open Database 'USE' Command

mysql> USE [database_name];

Replace [database_name] with the name of the database you want to open.

After opening the database, you can run SQL commands to perform various operations on the database, such as creating tables, inserting data, and retrieving data.