PHP hebrevc Function

The PHP hebrevc function is a built-in PHP function that is used to convert Hebrew text written in logical order into visual order. In Hebrew, text is written from right to left, which can be difficult to read for those who are not familiar with the language. The hebrevc function allows developers to convert this text into a format that is easier to read.

The syntax for the hebrevc function is as follows:

string hebrevc ( string $hebrew_text [, int $max_chars_per_line = 0 ] )

The first parameter is the Hebrew text to be converted, while the optional second parameter specifies the maximum number of characters per line in the output string. If this parameter is not specified, the output will be a single line.

The hebrevc function works by converting each word in the input string into its visual order, from left to right. The function also takes care of punctuation, which is also written in a different order in Hebrew than in many other languages.

The hebrevc function is especially useful for developers who are working with Hebrew text in web applications, as it allows them to display text in a format that is easier for their users to read. It can also be used in combination with other PHP functions, such as those for formatting or displaying text, to create more complex web applications.

Example for PHP hebrevc Function

echo hebrevc("á çùåï äúùñâ\ná çùåï äúùñâ");