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HTML Head Tag

The <head> tag in HTML is used to define information about the document that is not visible on the web page. The <head> tag must be placed within the <html> tag and contains information such as the title of the web page, metadata, and links to CSS and JavaScript files.

HTML Head Tag is contains an unordered collection of information about web documents.It contains information such as  <Title> , CSS Link, Can define style sheet, Meta Information use full for Search Engine Optimization 

What is HTML head –

The head element is a container element, it can contain
<TITLE>   to define TITLE of the web Page
<BASE>  define the Base link of the page
< META>   Information for search engine.etc
<LINK>tag link files like CSS, javascript, etc.
< SCRIPT> script file can define inside this tag.
< STYLE> define a style sheet 

The HTML Head tags do not directly affect the look of the web page when it is displayed.


Start with <HEAD> and close with </HEAD>

Example for HTML Head element

    <title>My Web Page</title>
    <!-- The body of the web page goes here -->